MLT Episode 68 Talking About Victim Blaming Shanann Watts Rzucek Family

Show Notes

I listened to Frank Rzucek’s press conference and this is something I have discussed before in my previous podcasts (see below) on Victim Blaming in this case.  This is my immediate take on his conference. I did not outline this – it’s a PURE IMMEDIATE REACTION to his press conference and I have discussed this before.  This is NOT my regular podcast but I wanted to get this out there. I will respond more with a more measured, thought out podcast. I have been making notes on a future Chris Watts episode as I discussed in the last episode (which I’ve linked here even though the podcast is not about Chris Watts).  I will publish the regular podcast this week.  This is not it. This is PURELY my immediate reaction to Mr. Rzucek’s press conference. I listened to his conference and recorded this.  There is more…OH BELIEVE ME, there is more. I also talk about disparaging defense attorneys in the middle of this (my brain goes off sometimes) and I mention the disgusting treatment of Kirk Nurmi and Jennifer Willmott during the Jodi Arias trial (as well as the Alexander family).  



In This Episode:  My Response to Frank Rzucek’s Press Conference

I mention the Watts case and the work I have been doing on the podcast including not wanting to jump into the YouTube fray because it’s INSANITY


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Talking About Chris Watts on Relationships (About a Year Before He Married Shanann)

Talking About Victim Blaming, Benefit of the Doubt, Communication and Observation

Talking About Recovering from Sick Relationships

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