I am doing an upcoming podcast on Female Stalking Victims, leading off with the murder of Emma Walker as reported by Dateline earlier this week.

I did one podcast HERE on Male Stalking Victims (leading off with Travis Alexander and Ryan Poston).

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As I did with the male stalking victims, I will give tips for individuals and friends and families of the signs to look out for and what to do.  Stalking is NO JOKE and often leads to murder.

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As a therapist and as an attorney who was once stalked (for years), this is a terrifying ordeal. I was only slightly older than Emma when I was stalked and I was well-aware my stalker wanted me dead.  I did manage to get him locked up for attempted murder, giving me enough time to move several states away.

But he always managed to get messages to me from the age of 17 to 33. That is a long time to worry about this.  I was only relieved (honestly) when he passed away a few years ago.   My first husband also stalked me, but I didn’t know that is what it was until many years later. He also stalked me during our separation and harassed a male friend of mine (truly only a friend) several times.  After he did that I realized what he had done when we were teenagers and broken up.  So scary.  I managed to get a restraining order.

More articles, videos and podcasts on this very important subject from a therapist, relationship expert, attorney and former stalking victim.  Stay tuned.  If you think this will help someone, please use the social share buttons below: