Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episode 1 Show Notes

podcastWelcome to the

Mean Lady Talking Podcast.

This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss. The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott.



What’s in this podcast:

In this first episode, we explain the history of the program GPYP—>GPYB – how did it start and what is the experience of the Mean Lady, also how the blogs, books, groups began and eventually this podcast and what the future format of the show will be (

and WHY it’s titled “Mean Lady Talking” There are two very clear incidents that led to the “mean lady” being mean.

For all the episodes I will try to give you an approximate place in the podcast where a topic change can be found.  Not everyone will want to listen to every part of the podcast.

Contents of Mean Lady Talking Episode 1

The first 15 minutes of this first podcast tells the history of GPYP-GPYB-books/blogs/groups which formed over 25 years from

The next few minutes talks of the format of future podcast and how to communicate with the mean lady to ask questions and get advice: 15:20

Why it’s titled “Mean Lady Talking” – some specific incidents: first starts at 18:10 and the second starts 23:35 and the third starts at 28:45 and 30:00 – 35:30

I leave about a minute of the closing music for you to enjoy when the show concludes  35:30 – 36:45…it’s called “Happy Empowering Soul” It took me about months and months of listening to music clip after clip after clip and listening and re-listening.  I really wanted a song that had the SPIRIT of the show….and I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and work on building your HAPPY EMPOWERED SOUL!!!  


Opening and closing music: Happy Empowering Soul by BlackSounds
Voice Over: Troy Hudson
Podcast Artwork by Alexenia


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Other Business:

On this first show notes I wanted to give a shout out to YouTubers who helped me through the process of starting a podcast:

I watched videos for weeks before even THINKING about starting a podcast. It can be very difficult at times, confusing at other times and I want to give a shout out to some YouTubers who made my process easier. One hint: if you are starting a podcast check out the YEAR the video was made as things change OFTEN in this space. I watched many many more videos (literally, hundreds) but special thanks to these YouTubers who were especially clear and helpful and easy to listen to over and over (you have to repeat a lot of videos in this space because there is so much to know so it’s best to listen to people who are very good at instruction and don’t have horrible voices.)  These are the people whose videos I relied on to get this going:

Cyberdog Studios, David A. Cox, Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income, Aileen at Lavendaire, Jim and Ricky at IncomeSchool, Frank Kern, Sue Ferreira at Wisdom to Wealth Mastery

One of these days I’ll make my own video and try to give back what was freely given to me. In the meantime:

What I Use To Make This All Work

Before researching putting a podcast together, I researched – very carefully – equipment. Much of it recommended by the fine folks above. While I’m still looking into other things, I found these to be a must have:

BlueYeti microphone
Blue Radius 2 Shock Mount
Rode PSA1 Boom Arm
Bose Quiet Comfort headphones
Neewer Wind pop Filter
YouShares Microphone Windscreen
(yes I have both a pop filter and windscreen because the windscreen was an add-on on Amazon for less than $6)
Macbook Air
Audacity & Garageband (still learning Garageband)

Accent:  thanks to Bronx, New York for giving me my way of tawking

I know that my readers sometimes complain about the ladies who narrated my books but I had nothing to do with that. My publisher did not use me because my accent is so thick…too bad, so sad.  But please don’t ding the audio version on Amazon reviews because you don’t like the narration. I had nothing to do with it.

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