Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episode 3 Show Notes

First of all –
My apologies for the quality of the audio. My recording software actually switched from my professional microphone to the laptop microphone….see the difference? My apologies. It was in distribution before I realized what happened. It almost happened again after this but now I check it. LEARNING!

Second of all, sorry for some of the moving around noise on the podcast. I normally don’t record videos or audio during the day because of landscapers and neighbors with dogs (if you’ve seen some of my videos, you’ve heard some of this)…I had appointments all night so I did the podcast during the day and when I would hear those dopey landscapers rev up or a barking dog, I would try to move away from the noise as best I could…so sorry for the moving around noises a few places on the podcast!

Mean Lady Talking Podcast Episode 3: 

Crisis as Opportunity or the Facebook Group Gets Really, Really Mean

When written in Chinese the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger, and the other represents opportunity. ~ John F. Kennedy

Crisis is opportunity when played correctly. When faced with a crisis, recognize the opportunity to change your life and become everything you’ve always wanted to be. ~ Susan J. Elliott

What’s In The Show (times are approximate)

Facebook Group Brouhaha (it’s always something) starts the podcast

Talking about the JFK quote above starts at approximately 5:35

When you feel bad, what do you do?  12:00

Talking to my mother about her abuse of me when I was a child (one laugh riot after another) at 23:30

How healthy people behave starts at 35:30

What crisis indicates in our lives starts at 36:50

A complete stranger tells me, “You’re a child of God, and God loves you” after I show up at the doctor’s office a complete mess after crying all night….story at 37:45

What to do when faced with a crisis at 42:00

Having trouble with mantras?  The workbook with mantra exercises is HERE

What is referred to in the podcast:

I talk about being in labor with my 3rd child at approximately minute 20…if you want to hear the WHOLE story – it’s on my YouTube videos “My Story” starts  HERE.

At approximately 43: 15 I talk about being pulled up on stage by Southside Johnny (it’s in the book Getting Back Out There)…at  and the video to that night is HERE

The headphones I talk about in the podcast can be found here:
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My brain as a silly place at 49:26 – reference to MP and the Holy Grail – this scene 

If you don’t have the books, you can order them here (this page includes links around the world and in other languages)


Opening and closing music: Happy Empowering Soul by BlackSounds
Voice Over: Troy Hudson
Podcast Artwork by Alexenia

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