In this episode we are talking about narcissism, sociopaths, and the Watts Family murders. If you want to skip the introduction as to who I am and what GPYB is and has been, go to minute 8:30

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00:00 Introduction to the Podcast if you’re not a regular reader

08:3o Start of the Podcast – why I changed my mind about talking about the psychological profile of Christoper Watts, family annihilator.

General overview of diagnosing personality disorders and how their partners wind up in the mental health world.

13:15 Why Christopher Watts exhibits different symptoms of different disorders at different times

14:00 Emergency Room psychiatric patients – the usual suspects and the ones who are not coming into the mental health world

15:05 What my ex-narcissist did in counseling

15:45 Typical ER “visit” of someone in crisis

18:25  Diagnosing the NPD through the partner

18:45 The covert and the overt narcissist

Link to Episodes mentioned in the podcast

20:40 Narcissists look for approval

21:00 Fakebook lives

22:00 No victim blaming on the MLT podcast

Links: My Male Stalking Victims ARTICLES and PODCAST

Articles: Male Stalking Victims Part 1 How The Arias Defense Team Got It ALL WRONG

Male Stalking Victims Part 2 

Podcast: Male Stalking Victims

23:49 The relationship between the under-reactor and the overachiever

26:00 When you get to a point where the thing that attracted you to your partner now drives you crazy.

27:30 Did Chris Watts “re-discover” himself during the 5 week absence?

28:50 Shanann’s illness

29:50 Abusive relationships and illnesses

31:25 Chris Watts doting on Shanann

33:00 Observation in the GPYB program

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