In this episode we continue talking about narcissism, sociopaths, psychopaths, the Chris Watts plea agreement.

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02:36 The link in the podcast is the one above this

02:50 Textbook definition of AntiSocial Personality Disorders

03:27 The DSM discusses frequency of symptoms when making a diagnosis   Without that it’s hard to make a true diagnosis of someone

05:00 Diagnosing AntiSocial Personality Disorders

Yes, I know that “all this stuff” is not a technical term

07:25 Subtypes of AntiSocial Personality Disorder

09:34 What we mean when we say psychopath

10:50 Old subtypes of psychopaths

11:25 Why victim blaming should not come into play in this analysis

12:05 Tapping out the article about Male Stalking Victims – podcast link here

Articles: Male Stalking Victims Part 1 How The Arias Defense Team Got It ALL WRONG

Male Stalking Victims Part 2 

Podcast: Male Stalking Victims

17:22 Some of the comments about Shanann Watts – not okay –

18:20 The last minutes of Shanann’s life

19:20 How does one kill their own children?

19:45 How are people saying she had Munchausen syndrome? – now, that’s crazy

20:50 The human brain can take 20-60 days to imprint a new regiment or habit

23:00 The “new Chris” is not really new since it’s a relationship that is affecting him

23:35 Chris Watts waxes eloquently to the police officers about his mistress

24:40 He told the police that the 5 weeks away made him feel like “Chris again.”

Should I publish the mistress podcast? Weigh in by emailing the show HERE

26:18 The plan to annihilate his family

26:45 The basic body language of Chris Watts – not hard to figure out if you have studied Body Language 101

28:18 The defense proposes the plea agreement

31:00 What was the benefit to the defendant in the plea agreement that only takes the death penalty off the table in a state where the death penalty is unlikely?

34:14 On the day of the murders Christopher Watts acted like a complete sociopath and psychopath

35:09 What Christopher Watts looked like on sentencing day

35:45 How you actually act when a loved one is missing

38:00 Chris Watts moron on the day of the murders

39:45 What happened that Chris Watts wouldn’t tell them the how and whys

40:10 How do you put together his “conscience-clearing decision” to plead guilty to everything with his status as a psychopath

42:50 The reconnection (or not) of Shanann and Chris in North Carolina

43:50 The 5 weeks of fantasy moved the needle into murder

44:35 How did Chris Watts find emotion on sentencing day?

45:11 Do you think that Chris Watts can be a temporary psychopath?

46:30 The brain science that suggests that psychopaths can turn empathy on or off?

47:00 Brain scans of psychopaths show that they can turn empathy on and on

48:00 My theory about Chris Watts and the psychological profile.  What is your take on the whole thing?

48:50 The method of the murders and the creation of a psychopath  – what do you think?

49:35 Can you reconcile the severity of the plea agreement with the psychological profile?

50:00 What can we learn from this horrible situation?  Remember frame of reference, remember observation, remember to unplug.

51:21  Continuing the conversation about the psychology and the legalities or not?  Is this too extreme to learn anything from?

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