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In this episode we are Talking About Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway!!!!

This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss. The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott

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This post contains the SHOW NOTES for Episode Number 9!!!  I’m sorry that not all podcasts can have such exact numbering but this one is kinda special. Enjoy!

Contains a heartfelt story of how to win a night with a girl by invoking the Pope’s greatness (honestly)


Today’s podcast contains two stories where I felt the fear and did it anyway….do it – do it – you can do this!!!

Mark Twain: Courage is the resistance of fear; the mastery of fear, not the absence of fear.

What’s in this podcast? Oh, you will be very surprised!  (Pleasantly, I hope)

2:00 If you wait until the day you never feel afraid, you will never do it.

4:46 I didn’t know that I didn’t know

5:15 Did I make him into a monster?

5:30 Here is a link to the post referenced in the podcast Journey From Abuse

6:02 Knock down drag out fight is NOT when I had enough

6:35 But then it happens

7:50 He pulls out all the stops to scare me

8:35 What psychological warfare looks like

9:15 Am I scared? OH YES

10:00 / 10:50 People try to talk me out of going to court for the trial

11:00 My mother is freaking out

11:15 I doubt everything…even my ability to breathe in and out

12:00 Why is he dressed like the mafia?

12:25 Courage to change the things I can

13:45 He was there to hear the accusations – so the accusations are now FACT

14:55 Why I decided to come forward about the abuse

15:10 I decide to look at him…me, the court galley and the judge

15:30  Surprise!

19:30 My fascination with Ellis Island

22:14 My date decides to goad me on my beliefs…would like me to walk my talk

24:00 Meanwhile back at the hotel

25:00 Running away….

25:45 And in walks a foreign entourage

26:30 Politics! (sorry my Italian accent is really bad…)

27:20 Cappuccino!!!

28:50 The pope?

29:45  Well the taxis were only going south – not up and down  – just down

30:15 Saturday at the park…(Central Park)

31:15  Sucks to be you!!!

32:50 Good for other things…

33:14  My Italian boycott comes to an end

35:15 Trevi Fountain (my story of going with Michael in a future podcast)

35:50 Marriage weekend on another podcast

36:20 Coming full circle

36:48 Take a stand and feel the fear but do it anyway…

37:05  Two years after the weekend with the creep

Ending: 38:50

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