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This episode is Talking About Listener Mail and Left-Over Anger at the Narcissist

This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss. The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott

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Show Notes for Episode Number 10

Mail. We Get Mail.

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What’s in this podcast:

This was a very popular post on both the blog and Psychology Today (before they lost their minds) but the podcast response takes a bit of a different spin on things.  Whereas the original post was about resolving a codependent’s anger at a narcissist, this podcast addresses moving on for everyone.  While is it especially geared toward codependents, the wrap up advice can be applied to everyone.   Enjoy!

To find out why it’s called “The Mean Lady Podcast” check out Episode 1 HERE

Times are approximate

Short intro to episode 00.00.11

The letter: 00.06:30

The beginning of the response: .09:25

Codependents want to save: .10:00 (or so they say)

Codependents as crazy sleuths: .11:00

The challenge for codependents 12:45

Boundaries: 13:13

What is your hand in your own victimization? 13:50


1) Get clear on who owns what: 14:20

2) Your anger belongs to you  15:50

3) Stupid statements like, “All I wanted to do was love him” and the codependent agenda 18:30

4)  Why we pick who we pick – no matter who we are 21:30

5) How to get over recreating our unresolved struggles: 22:12

6) You have to expect someone to love you: 23:20

7) Your ex’s unresolved issues have to do with why they are with YOU: 23:50

8) You have to detach from “what is wrong with my ex” : 25:00

9) What is driving your unhealthy choices? 26:30

10) What you need to do to heal: 27:00

11) You cannot give it away until you have it 29:22

12) Taking care of you and being able to do the work 33:00



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To find out why it’s called “The Mean Lady Podcast” check out Episode 1 HERE