Mean Lady Talking PodcastWelcome to the Episode 12

In this episode we are Talking About Mail. We Get Mail. Answering a Few Emails at One Time

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Show Notes for Episode 12

What’s in this podcast:

Emails from blog readers over the past 12 years

(times are approximate)

The first letter starts at 4:35 from a college-aged woman who wants to know about hooking up, getting healthy, and self-care.

13:35 The second letter is about how do you trust yourself again after being so hurt? The writer doesn’t know if they will ever trust someone or how they can trust their own choosing

27:00 The third letter is about marrying a loser alcoholic and the breakup/makeup pattern.  The Mean Lady comes roaring out. The third letter (which was written before the holidays so might seem a bit out of place in June, but the rest of the letter is pertinent) brings out the mean lady – trying to get over a drunken bananahead

32:00 The fourth letter is about forgiving the ex when you are so angry

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