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In this episode, we’re talking about 

Navigating the Legal System with

the Personality Disordered!

The 3rd in a 5 part series as to how to deal with these destructive people when you have to coparent with them and how to bring the attention of the judges, lawyers, CPS workers, therapists and teachers to the right place. What to do and what not to do when dealing with divorce, child visitation, child support, with a very difficult person.

Show Notes and Player for Episode 27

What’s in this podcast:

The 3rd in a 5-part series of

Navigating the Legal System with the PersonalityDisordered

Show Content

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Minute 1:00 Dealing with the Personality Disordered in the Legal System

The bootcamp in October is Recovering from the Aftermath of a Breakup with the Personality Disordered, NOT Navigating the Legal System (though that will be covered for those who need it).  To get information, email the show

4:14 Child Friendly or Parent Friendly Statutes

4:50 Harassing the Coparent of Your Child is Never in the Best Interest of the Child

6:00 The PD wants YOU to lose it.  Keep reminding yourself of this to not lose it.

7:00 When the professionals who are involved with the family start to get a clue about the lack of veracity of the PD, they pull others into their sick circle

8:00 The problem with reporting non-abuse to police, CPS, other outlets. Using these outlets to be vindictive is absolutely despicable.

9:30 Making a false report to CPS is a crime in most states.

10:40 Don’t bank on CPS and the police being so involved that it’s going to help you.

11:20 Ask professionals to check all the dockets to see if the PD is litigating all over the place or do it yourself

13:45 The embarrassing claims of the PD.   If you have an attorney, tell the attorney to check the various dockets.

15:00 An example of a PD joining a church JUST to get another person involved in the craziness.

17:35 Another example of a PD who lost due to her lies.

21:00 The ramifications of vague legal orders and what to do about it

23:00 Ways to reduce harassment during child visitation exchange

25:00 Reasons why one parent should not harass the other.  Time and subject matter restrictions on email. An example of a communication restriction. The order regarding email communications must be clear and concise.

26:40 Keep records of the history of communication for any new parties who get involved

27:10 Advice to parents and parenting coordinators. How to word an email to the personality disordered.  The 3-time rule.

31:00 There should be penalties for abusing the system and the system resources. Look for patterns of abuse. PD’s almost always claim lack of notice and appear in different forums.

33:00 At the heart of all orders and plans is the best interest of the children.

35:00 A good, solid plan can absolutely protect the best interest of the children.

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