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Listener Email and Communication!

We have 2 letters:  the first is about a narcissist’s abusive communication toward the child’s coparent and the second is about communication DURING a relationship and secondary losses upon a breakup.

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What’s in this podcast:

Communication: Between co-parents after a divorce and in a relationship. 

We are also talking about secondary losses. 

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If you know someone who is dealing with a non-cooperative ex regarding co-parenting, PLEASE direct them to this episode and this case.  

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3:30 First letter about a narcissistic co-parent being verbally abusive in front of their small child. We analyze the VERY HELPFUL case Leon v. Cormier from the Massachusetts Court of Appeals which symbolizes the way a judge, a parenting coordinator and parents should deal with post-breakup communication and visitation drop off/pick up.

33:50 Second letter:  communication in a healthy relationship, bad breakup behavior and secondary losses.

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