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In this episode, we’re talking about 

Mixed Messages!

What to do when someone is lying or confused or just has no idea what he or she is talking about?

Show Notes and Player for Episode 29

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What’s in this podcast:

Mixed Messages!  Those CRAZY-MAKING communications

from liars, or hopelessly confused people or mental cases.  


Show Content

(times are approximate)

2:00 a cousin tells me that my husband is a pathological liar

Examples of his lies to me and to his girlfriends

The compliments he laid on me

6:00 We buy our dream house just before we breakup

7:15 Yet another affair

7:50 What he says is what lines up with what I think

8:15 Then he says the b part of things.

9:10 How can one set be true and not the other?

10:10 I hear something that changes my life

12:30  The best advice I ever got and have been passing onto people for the past 25 years

14:00  How people learn and grow

14:20   But what if someone is NOT a liar??  The person is JUST confused?  What to do?  What to do?

16:00 When the ex has the personality of a flea.

16:40 How can you be conflicted when one person is great and one person is horrible?

17:20 Giving up on someone who is confused is harder than someone who is lying.

18:30 If someone is in a relationship with you, they need to be a reliable reporter of their own feelings, otherwise the reports are useless.

19:45 Does it matter if someone is lying or confused?

22:00 Other forms of confusion, lying and garbled messages

22:45 A standard of “not allowing someone to put my brain in knots” is born

23:15 The graduate school navel gazer

23:50 Where the joyful date goes to die

24:15  Excuse me, what?

24:40 Rumination gone wild

25:25 Excuse me, what? Part 2

26:15 What the hell are you depressed about, now?

27:00 Partners should listen to the others’ issues but it shouldn’t be ridiculous.

28:00 The joke-y guy and the depressed guy are one and the same.

29:20 Trying to figure it all out makes your head hurt

30:00 Trying to push glue up the hill

31:00 Stop trying to figure it out.

33:00 Where taking care of you begins and continues….

The video that is referenced in the podcast: Moving On From Mr. Confused

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