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Listener Email  

“Because I Love Him/Her” 

Today we answer TWO Listener Emails, one male and one female, who both have issues with their exes and want to get back together with someone who behaved badly and the reason is, “Because I Love Him/Her” which is not good enough.

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What’s in this podcast:

We answer Listener Email where the rationale for trying to hang onto a bad relationship is “Because I love him/her.”   


Show Content

(times are approximate)

2:15 First letter from the woman – thinking of reconciliation with the ex who lied, cheated and called her names.  Her best friend is horrified about the idea. But the letter writer says, “Because I love him….”

3:00 Second letter from the man whose ex was confused and not ready for a relationship. They breakup frequently. The ex became verbally abusive and blamed him for her bad behavior pressuring her to be in a relationship. Friends and family think the yo-yo relationship is ridiculous.   But the letter writer says, “Because I love her…”

4:45 Discussion begins about “because I love him/her” which each of them say in their rationale as to why they want the ex back.

6:00 The seriousness of “cheating and lying.”

6:50 How to separate the confusion and verbal abuse from “who she is.”

8:00 Tepid excuse #1: Who she is now is not who she really is

9:00 Tepid excuse #2: Well, there are worse things you can be

9:45 Tepid excuse #3 Well, it’s not like I murdered someon

11:00 Rationalizations and justifications don’t work in healthy relationships

12:15 Well, the cheater/liar can be really fun

13:05 Get in line for Good For Nothing Johnny!

14:00 The video referenced in the podcast (wants to be with me): When The Person You Love Doesn’t Love You

14:45 When the abused becomes an abuser

16:oo The answer to “Because I love him/her…”

17:00 It doesn’t matter

18:00 Creeping the ex’s FB page?

19:00 When we get involved with “project people” or “fixeruppers”

20:20  How project people respond to your endless rescuing or fixing – hint: it’s not GRATITUDE!

21:10 Unreciprocated giving amounts to manipulation  – NOT LOVE!

22:10 When they’re running away!!!

23:00 Which part do you love?  The parts that want to get far from you?

26:00 Do misogynists change? Escape from CrazyLand with a maniac screaming

28:45 Explicit language warning

30:00 When friends give up (and more explicit language)

31:00 “I know they’re a good person.” Yeah no. This person is one hot mess.

31:40 The word is “waded,” not waited. 🙂

32:00 What love is and is not. Physical chemistry and what it doesn’t mean.

33:00 3 a.m. person again

34:00 What is the real question?  What?

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