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In this episode we are Talking About Overcoming the Struggles of the Past and Recognizing Them In Current Relationships

This is the podcast that tackles tough questions about relationships, life, love and loss. The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott

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Episode 7 Show Notes

What’s in this podcast:

This podcast is about recreating the struggles of the past and how – even if they are SIDE BY SIDE – you can miss the similarities when you are dysfunctional and not trained in how to recognize it.

So this is about how we screw ourselves right into the ground by picking partners like our early caregivers so that we can recreate the struggles of the past so that we can win this time around.  ONLY we don’t. ..we lose once again, because the only way to win is not to play the game.  When we go through a breakup, one of the OPPORTUNITIES we get is to realize what we’ve been doing and resolve it within US and not recreate it within relationships with others.  When we take responsibility for our own wounds and heal them via the Relationship and Life Inventories, we heal and become healthy and have healthier relationships.

An unusual pre-podcast intro and I will tell you where the reference to my birth mother is.  The beginning of the podcast is about my adoptive mother.  Adoptive mother is from beginning to 34:40 and then I switch to biological mother and never differentiate.

The podcast subject matter starts at 5:30 or so about my adoptive mother

My friend comes for 3 weeks and all hell breaks loose 16:30

We never discussed the great cat food incident 18:40

What we were each trying to overcome 19:40

How the inventories help us identify the battles we’re still waging 21:00

You have to affirmatively give up. 23:12

What is their problem?  Why don’t they want you to win?  25:45

What you can find when you do your work. 27:00

What you need to do to avoid this mistake again 29:30 

(Read GBOT and the Couples Inventory and the Early Relationship)

Love is an action – and what you don’t do and don’t yell about 30:40

The recipe for finding true love starts at 32:28 

When thinking about your issues and how overwhelming they seem  33:40 


Demanding that people love and care about you 37:00

Where you go from here at 38:23

When you try so hard for so long you develop blind spots even when you’re “healthy” 41:00

The “learning curve” of relationships 43:00

How to use relationships as learning experiences 44:00

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