I have done a podcast and 2 articles on Male Stalking Victims (links below) using the Travis Alexander (Jodi Arias) and Ryan Poston (Shayna Hubers) cases as examples of how men – young, vibrant, strong men – get cut down in the prime of their lives by crazy ex girlfriends.   

I am going to be doing a podcast on stalking victims. I want to do one on Emma Walker and the issue of stalking in high school and college. I want to do one on ALL stalking victims – old, young, male, female…and I would like some stories from same sex relationships as well.



If you know anyone who is a guy who is being stalked by an ex-girlfriend, please get these articles/podcast on Male Stalking Victims to him.  These 2 cases were high profile, but I’d love to have input from other men who have been stalked.You DO NOT have to identify yourself. You can send me stories or you are welcome to come on the podcast (and again, not identify yourself).   All inquiries and input will be kept confidential. 

If you have a stalking story, please let me know – you can either send it and it remains anonymous OR you can come on the podcast (still remaining anonymous if you wish).

Please write me HERE if you have a story you would like to share.

Male Stalking Victims PODCAST.

Male Stalking Victims: How the Jodi Arias defense got it all wrong.

Male Stalking Victims Part 2

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