I am going to be doing a podcast on stalking victims. I want to do one on Emma Walker and the issue of stalking in high school and college. I want to do one on ALL stalking victims – old, young, male, female…and I would like some stories from same sex relationships as well. I’ve done a podcast on Male Staking Victims (highlighting Ryan Poston and Travis Alexander)

I have done a podcast on Male Stalking Victims (links below). If you know anyone who is a guy who is being stalked by an ex-girlfriend, please get these articles/podcast to him. These 2 cases were high profile, but I’d love to hear from other men who have been stalked.

If you have a stalking story, please let me know – you can either send it and it remains anonymous OR you can come on the podcast (still remaining anonymous if you wish).

Please write me HERE if you have a story you would like to share.

Male Stalking Victims podcast.

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