The Mental, Emotional and Physical Damage from Stalking

I have done a podcast and 2 articles on Male Stalking Victims (links below) using the Travis Alexander (Jodi Arias) and Ryan Poston (Shayna Hubers) cases as examples of how men – young, vibrant, strong men – get cut down in the prime of their lives by crazy ex girlfriends.   

I am going to be doing a podcast on stalking victims. I want to do one on Emma Walker and the issue of stalking in high school and college. I want to do one on ALL stalking victims – old, young, male, female…and I would like some stories from same sex relationships as well.


Men As Stalking Victims, Part 2: 10 Things To Know For Safety’s Sake

stalkingWould Travis Alexander and/or Ryan Poston be alive today if everyone was duly informed about men as stalking victims?

by Susan J. Elliott, J.D., M.Ed.


There is a fine line between serendipity and stalking. ~ David Coleman

What Is Stalking

The reason the David Coleman quote above resonates with me is that a woman who appeared to be stalking a man called it serendipitous when she wound up in a club a half mile from his home, where he was known to frequent, on the same night he did.  She said to me, “It’s serendipity!” and I said, “No, it’s stalking.”  I don’t know when the quote above was made by its source, but I had this conversation 14 years ago.  Another quote that came to mind, is “When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  She kept thinking that their “accidental” run-ins meant they were destined to be together.  It didn’t and they weren’t.  Thankfully she moved on, and no one died.

Stalkers Who Turn Into Murderers

It has long been known that female stalking victims have been killed by their stalker. Laws to protect people have been put into effect after stalking turns to murder. Rebecca Shaefer’s murder in 1989 led to stronger laws in California to hide addresses of public figures. It’s not a small thing and it’s not unusual. What is unusual is the small amount of attention paid to female stalkers as murderers and their victims. While we may pay attention to the murder trials, we have done little to educate everyone about how men can protect themselves if they have a stalking ex-girlfriend or obsessive girlfriend they can’t seem to get to go away.

The Murders of Travis Alexander and Ryan Poston


MLT Ep 42 Switching Gears, Anger, Approval, Abandonment

January reminds me of all of these things: not being able to switch gears, trying to get approval for someone who would never give it, homicidal anger, self-soothing and abandonment (or “How Wacky Can One Person Be?”) The WORLD should TG that I found recovery!

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