MLT Podcast Ep 19 Male Stalking Victims

MLT Podcast Ep 19 Male Stalking Victims

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Mean Lady Talking Podcast

This episode is

Talking About Male Stalking Victims

1/3 of all stalking victims are men.   It is TOO LARGE a number to ignore the fact that we have not accommodated them in the legal system and have not protected them as they should.  This podcast is for Travis Alexander and Ryan Poston.

The Mean Lady Podcast is hosted by grief therapist, motivational speaker, best-selling author and attorney, Susan J. Elliott

Show Notes for Episode Number 19

What’s in this podcast:

Talking About Male Stalking Victims and Their Demonstrable Fear

This episode is close to a Public Service Announcement. There is so little information about MALE STALKING VICTIMS in the general population.  Please listen to the podcast and pass it on to anyone who has an obsessive ex-girlfriend.

With the anticipation of the Jodi Arias appeal, I revisit the topic of male stalking victims like Travis Alexander and Ryan Poston.

The episode discusses domestic violence in general, the testimony of Arias “defense” domestic violence expert Alyce LaViolette about the fear (or lack of demonstration) of Travis Alexander. it is VERY IMPORTANT for everyone to understand how obsessive exes turn into murderers.






03:50: The childhood history of Travis Alexander

4:25 The childhood of Ryan Poston

4:55 The obsessive ex-girlfriend threatens suicide

6:00 Advice to people who have obsessive ex-girlfriends threatening suicide

6:50 The dissemination of the testimony of Alyce LaViolette (more on this in future podcasts)

8:35 The anger of social media at Alyce LaViolette

10:55 Alyce LaViolette approaches the victim’s sister

11:12 Alyce LaViolette apologizes to Jodi Arias

13:30 Jodi Arias is not a domestic violence victim

17:45 Male stalking victims and the failure to understand how stalking affects them

18:25 Alyce LaViolette makes the crazy claim that Travis Alexander did not demonstrate any fear therefore there was no stalking

19:30 Alyce LaViolette spars with Juan Martinez and then accuses him of bullying

20:45 Jodi Arias describes physical abuse in an unbelievable way

25:40 Alyce LaViolette treats Travis Alexander as dv victims were treated before protective laws were passed.

28:01  There is a HUGE difference between “having a hard time letting go” and “stalking”

28:50 The evidence that Arias is a liar.  The whole idea of “friends” coming into her work to report her boyfriend’s infidelity TWICE – once in Oregon and once in Arizona.

30:00 How a traumatic childhood affects a person’s ability to perceive danger and how to repress fear.  Travis Alexander was struggling with his perception of Arias.  Being in survival mode is normal. People who have lived this way don’t know what to do and are not sure when to be afraid or what to do about it.

32:20 Reasons why people (even females) have a difficult time reporting stalking.

33:05 The murder of Rebecca Schafer (actress).

33:30 Male stalking victims need to protect themselves from crazy, obsessive ex-girlfriends – friends and family need to tell them to report it.

35:20 How people show fear and how males and females are different and anyone who claims to be a domestic violence expert should KNOW this and Alyce LaViolette dropped the ball on this one

36:10 Male stalking victims are embarrassed to report stalking, but trying to be friends with an obsessive girlfriend is a losing proposition.

37:10 What to do if a friend says he’s trying to be friends with an ex-girlfriend because he is afraid that she will kill herself

39:40 What to do if an obsessive girlfriend just shows up

41:00 What to say to the police and friends when you think you need to make a report about a stalker

42:30 We MUST pass this information onto others. NC is for everyone, but especially for those who have a manipulative, obsessive ex.ise not to bite)

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